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Now IPv6 enabledPosted: 09/30/2022 9:35pm

unixf.com is now IPv6 enabled! Better late then never, right?

IPv6 Certification Badge for greyaxe90

Powered by PHP 8.2.0Posted: 09/21/2022 9:49pm

While it's not officially released, it is in RC status right now, and since this site runs on a different server, I figured I'd go ahead and start testing PHP 8.2. So here it is! This site is already pretty lightweight so I doubt there will be any noticeable speed differences. I think the speed differences will be noticed on sites running WordPress.

In somewhat related news but unrelated news, PHP 8.1 finally has support for IonCube. Not that I advocate using that proprietary obfuscation, but it means they're finally no longer holding back the internet on PHP 7.4 which is going EOL very soon.

Testing SummernotePosted: 09/19/2022 8:34pm

I decided to switch out TinyMCE for Summernote. Summernote is open source and has everything that I am looking for in an editor. It seems to handle images by converting them into base64 and putting them inline. TinyMCE requires an image handler in order to upload files to the sever. Storing them as base64 adds some weight but it does make this application portable. Here's a test image and let's see how this is handled:

Does this work? Only one way to find out! :)

Edit: Looks like it did work.

Welcome to Unixf.com!Posted: 09/19/2022 10:57am

Hello and welcome to unixf.com! I purchased this domain name earlier in the year when I was looking for expired domains that contained "unix" and "linux" in them. This one had recently expired and it was short - score! I didn't really have any plans for it so I decided to just buy it and then I figured I would do something with it. Finally, this is that something.

This site is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. It's a custom written CMS - so it lacks features, and it's buggy. So far, here's what it does have:

  • Basic, simple blog
  • Basic page manager
  • An admin section
  • TinyMCE for WYSIWYG editing
  • Some bugs

On the TODO list:

  • Tweak TinyMCE - I have some weird plugins loading and it doesn't have all that I want.
  • Ability to upload images directly through TinyMCE
  • Comments on the blog posts
  • Friendlier URL structure (right now it has a "permalink" of page.php?p=<pagename> and shownews.php?id=<id>)
  • Bug fixes
  • Create a site logo
  • Add a last updated field for posts / pages

That's about it for now. I'll update more later.